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After re-reading this, I can't even think of a title

I kind of feel like I don't know how I've managed to cram in as much as I have over the last 36 hours or so. I just finished my PoliSci stuff, and I've got an assignment for Color that I'm not really looking forward to...

But I did just finish Julie and Julia, about this woman who, sick of her secretarial job (gee, I wonder how that feels), decides to make all 524 recipies in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. She does everything from bisecting lobsters to eating brains, although you get less of the brains and more of the lobsters, and oh yeah, ASPIC, which I hope no one ever, ever makes me eat in my life.

My absolutely gorgeous yarn from my Secret Pal recipient Jacey came in, Closet Glowworm and oh dear god its love. I ripped off the brown paper packaging (sans string), to see a peek of the brightest, glowiest, cornea-searingist lime green. I fell hard. Of course, yarn of this calibur deserves the Lantern Moons, size 17 beasts of predatory glory, instruments that just make you wish that Joss Whedon's world was real, because then you might be able to use those babies for what you really want to way deep inside, i.e., to kill some vampires. D and I were all set for the cinematic glory that is Mr. and Mrs. Smith and the Transporter, and by the time they were done I had myself a glorious Steven Tyler scarf, one that, should Steven Tyler himself ask for it, I would have to say "Sorry, Steve, this one's mine. Maybe next time you want to take the scarf off random passerby you should make sure that you haven't written a song that uses a name so close to her own that vicious little school children will sing it, imagining her on a murderous rampage when really she wouldn't do it at all unless vampires were real and needed to be taken out." (The song in question, unless it isn't already terribly obvious is Janey's Got a Gun, and yes, vicious little school children sang it at me because my name's Jaime and that's close enough for them, and yes, it made me cry)

And in this strangely weird mood I leave you, to tackle my Color work.
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School, and Math for the Demented, and Green Polyester Skirt Suits, Oh My!

I was all set to update this bitch earlier in the week when my computer shut itself off for no good reason, really. So, here it goes.

I started school, rock! Its going well-ish, and I say only well-ish because I dropped my math class (the first day, as a review, the prof wants us to write the equation for a line that goes through points (X,Y), loops the moon, gives Ryan Reynolds a quick peck on the cheek and then comes back to intersect the Y tangent at who the fuck knows where. I took college algebra SEVEN years ago, straight out of high school, I can't do that! But whatever). I plan on getting a book on college algebra and teaching myself before I take that class. I'm trying to get into an Art History class on Postmodernism, so keep the fingers crossed. And as a side note, were some great thinker ever to pose the question, how does one know if one is dealing with a ho? I could give him an answer pronto: One knows one is dealing with a ho when one sees said ho coming towards your car in the school parking lot, but the nasty, self-centered one knows she's done terrible, ooky things in her life and therefore can't bear to look one in the eye, so she marches herself and her green polyester skirt suit around two other cars so as to not come within one's line of eyesite. You know, hypothetically.

But I LOVE all of my other classes, and I'm plowing through all the homework/artwork I have to do this weekend. I finished my compositions for Color, and I've read ahead for my Nutrition class (seriously, that class is so interesting. And I'm retaining information!!). Tomorrow I'm doing reading for Ceramics, and research on the internet, and doing my PoliSci stuff.

I'm a fucking college student!!!
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I just:

spent over a hundred dollars at (barely! (to get free shipping!!)) put a scratch on the ipod; googled how to get scratches off one's ipod; had a shitty, trafficky ride over to my mom's because D left work a half hour later than he should have; called my sister to see why she wasn't at mom's only to find out she was at mom's and made mom angry because she now thinks D and I will only go over there if Nikki is over there; and am generally cranky.

I still have to:

wrap D's dad's birthday present; find out when my insurance gets cut off and/or find out how much it will cost to get my wisdom teeth pulled out of pocket; and get sleepy so the insomnia doesn't kick in.

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Heeeeeelloooooooooooo! I'm a caaaaaaaaaaaar!

Christmas was just motherfuckig nuts. Let's just sum it up with my dad actually being nice to me and overcompensating for skipping my birthday by getting me a video iPod (which, let me say, I never wanted before, but now that I have one, I LOVE it, and haven't been able to stop putting stuff on it); me finding out that my mom, who I had lately taken to be the sane one, is actually a little paranoid, and more than a little nuts; my new mother-in-law being more ballsy than previously thought; and for once I wasn't sick over New Years. I have Airborne tablets and super-strenght Tylenol to thank for that one. All the other stuff I don't really feel like getting into.

I put in my notice at work, although I will be working half days on Fridays until I see how much class work I have. If its not too bad I'll work whole days on Fridays. Classes start next Tuesday, and I am really excited.

Today I bought new glasses, something I've been needing as I have a tendency to buy glasses and then wind up hating them two weeks later. That leads to me only wearing them before I go to bed and when I'm sick, and when I wear then when I'm not sleepy or sick I always feel like I'm one of the two as that's the only time I ever wear my glasses. This time I had D and Nikki go with me to pick out a pair. I couldn't find anything I liked in the three shops we tried in the Galleria (to be technical, two in the Galleria and one in the Highland Village). We then went to Eye Q, by Montrose, but they were closed on Mondays. I remembered that there's a shop in the Uptown Park, so we hit them on the way home, and there, in the Eye Glassiers of Houston, I fell in love. For a good long time I thought I wouldn't be able to decide between two pairs of glasses made by the same Japanese company (can't remember the name right now for the life of me), but I wound up going with this funky brown and blue pair that are what the man helping me called "tuxedo shaped." Whatever. They're gorgeous. And more expensive than anything else I've ever bought. More expensive than my wedding dress. More than a car payment. And about what I have left to pay for my tuition. I validate it because the last two times I've bought glasses, they've come from the economy shelf. So this is like three pairs of glasses in one. And they're glasses that I'll wake up and say "I feel like wearing my glasses today," which was the whole purpose of bringing my sister and D along.

I met up with Jennifer for coffee on Saturday. It went ok, two people who know each other extremely well being extremely formal with each other. D and I were supposed to have dinner with her and her fiancee tomorrow, but they had to cancel. At this point, I don't know if we can be friends like we used to, but we'll see. I'm willing to give it a shot.

And as a parting shot, that Dane Cook is a silly bitch.
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Getting sick, playing guitar, making cookies, and knitting like a muthafucka

What, I live in Houston, I can say it like that.

But, yes, all of the above, swirling, swirling around, causing nothing monumentally productive on the whole.

I just started feeling sick and refuse (do you hear me, germs/antibodies/whoever in there will do something about this?) to be sick over the holidays for the FOURTH year in a row. So I've been drinking these lime flavored "Don't get sick!" thingies. I think they made me sicker. Which means today is the perfect day to make Christmas cookies with my sister! Whoo. I'm headed over to my Nana's house to go do that in a minute.

Adrienne came over last night and we played around a little, some new stuff, and my fingers tried to remember the old stuff. And, I do believe I turned Adrienne on to Ok Go, which esctaticizes me, because I love them, and believe that they will save the world with their backyard dancing. We can't practice together until after the holidays, though, so I'm going to try to fill in the holes I have on some songs, and see what comes of it.

And oh my god the knitting. There is still so much fucking knitting to be done, not to mention that the gorgeous Diakeito Erin sent me is taunting me with its absolute yarnaliciousness. But I am starting the decreases on the little hat I'm making for the toddler of a friend of ours, I'm about to just give up on my father-in-law's Harry Potter scarf of doom and just do one more repeat of the gold bands, the maroon part and then bind off. Its still fairly long, but let's face it: the man's over six feet, and I don't have the kind of stamina it takes to make a scarf that's going to hit him at the knees when its done on fricking size five needles in knit one purl one ribbing. I've got to finish my mom's Clapotis, then block it, my mother-in-law's scarf, and something else, I feel like I'm forgetting something else. Who knows. With all of this lime flavored effervescing, there's absolutely no telling.
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Secret Pal!

So Secret Pal is just about over for me. I got my final package today, and Erin is my Secret Pal! Thanks, Erin, I love everything, and I had a total blast. Next up is sending the wonderfully crazy Miss Jacey her final package as soon as I can put the finishing touches on it. There's still a few things I'm hunting down. I really hope she likes it, though. I let her know it would be late, but I still feel bad.

I had so much fun doing this. Its like the holiday season started early, and I mother fucking love the holidays.

And on the holiday note, I'm off like a prom dress to knit. Because the sooner I finish knitting for Christmas, the sooner I can use the absolutely fabulous Diakeito Erin sent me. This may well be my new favorite yarn.
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I saw my future in a machine built for two

Gah. I am halfway through the five projects left for Christmas. The halvsies are FIL's Harry Potter scarf, Mom's Clapotis, and my Nana's ruffle-dy scarf. Although the ruffle-dy scarf doesn't have to get done, as I already have a present for her and this would have just been a bonus. So its been gathering dust. Thursday or so the yarn comes in for the last two gifts, the flap-top mittens from Handknit Holidays for my SIL, and the felted PSP cover with the American Idiot arm/hand grenade logo on it. That should be interesting. I'm determined to have one of the halvsies done by the time the rest of the yarn gets here, and I think the HP scarf might be the winner. I am finally on the last fricking ball of red for that, which is saying something given I started while evacuated for Hurricane Rita.

And to make myself feel better, I do have Kelly and Karen's scarves done, so FEEL BETTER!

And in an "oh yeah, I forgot" kind of moment, edited to add all this stuff:

Every year I feel like theres no way on earth we'll be able to get everything done in time, and yet, year after year, we do. I'm in the "Oh hell we're not going to make it" part of things. Then I'll grab the stone podium and breathe on the little stone thing-y and Mila Jovovich will save the planet. And do Bruce Willis. Tangents? No? Oh well.

The third anniversary's coming up folks! And while nothing, and I mean NOTHING can top the Cake tickets I got D last year (nothing can top it not because I'm egotistical but because I kept that motherfucker under my hat for a WHOLE FRICKING MONTH do you hear me? That's like ten years for some people), we are going to Uptown Sushi to celebrate. Woot. I really hope its better than that fancy fusion place downtown we went to last year for my birthday, the place with the dead grass in the foyer. Although, I suppose if it doesn't have dead grass in the foyer then that's a plus.

And Adrienne, if you're reading this, we so need to have a practice or something...I've got all these things in my head that want to be played, but something always comes up before I can get that guitar in my hands. If you're here then I have to play.

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Like licking a nine volt battery

I am so fucking close to getting back in school its retarded. And frustrating. Although the most frustrating part, I suppose I can't really talk about as of yet, but when I can, Nelly you'll wish I still couldn't.

Did that make sense?


Have you discovered Choxie? Best fucking stuff, ever. Not like the sushi I had Friday night. You might think its hard to fuck up sushi, but this place certainly did. We went to Mata-something up Westheimer, since its a sushi place N will actually eat at. I got the Bluebonnet roll, and it was total crap. D got the chirashi, and while it looked gorgeous, he said it didn't taste that good, and the tuna didn't have any whee! Whee! being the word I use to describe the feeling you get on your tongue when you get a really, really good piece of tuna. Hence the title, even though that's not entirely accurate.

Its cold in my bedroom.

I am just all over the place.

I wish it were three weeks from now.

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Strike that. Reverse it.

So much has been going on lately, its positively nuts.

Putting together a schedule for school; I'm a little nervous, since I don't have the money lined up yet, but you can't apply for a loan if you're not enrolled, so.... Early registration is the 21st.

D apparently wants to see what happens when my head pops, because instead of telling me two months ago that he wanted a party for his birthday, he tells me four days ago, leaving me with a mere week and a half to throw something together. Evites went out yesterday, and it all goes down Sunday. Should be interesting.

And it's my sister's big 2-1 this Thursday, take a wild guess as to what we'll be doing.

I voted today, mostly just to get in one vote against proposition 2, which would make same sex marriages illegal/unconstitutional (in Texas). People just need to grow up about this and realize that when two people are in love and committed to each other, they should be allowed to get married and reap the benefits that ensue.

That new Foo Fighters single is my current favorite song; I put it on repeat and listened to it really loud with my windows down as I drove up and down Westheimer running errands after work. Dave Grohl is our generation's Paul McCartney.

And, after getting one of those sappy-ish emails about embracing the moment that I usually ignore, I decided to try to email Megan, and see if we could fix whatever it was that went wrong. To put it tentatively, it looks like we can.

All in all, I'M SO FUCKING HAPPY RIGHT NOW!! (With the exception of the proposition 2 thing, that just makes me depressed to be a Texan.)
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J and C - still asses.

My dad - World's Most Giganimous Ass.

Plans to do something with my life (i.e. go back to school) - in progress. I've got info on school loans I need to research and stuff like that. With all luck I'll be out of my mind-numbingly boring (and low paying) desk job by the end of the year. Can you say woot? Because I can.

Plans to get O to crush as desperately hard on my sister as she has on him - Good god this needs to happen soon. Meddling as this may seem, I so want him to like her. I've only seen her fall for one other guy this hard, and I think O would do her a world of good.

And did you see that game last night?!? It's all right Lidge, you're still my favorite.